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Fashion Film Festival - 2019 is looking for entries





We invite everyone who can and wants to make a short film about fashion, realize creative ideas, and we will show it to the world on a big screen


In the period from 1th of February 2019 til 1st ofl  February 2020 you may create a short film and send it for the Festival

     Theme of the Festival. Make a film about favorite designer of clothes, shoes, of interior, furniture, architecture, about fashionable profession, trendy gadget or car.

      Tell us about plight of fashionable shoes or a century of life of grandmother's buttons. Create a story about literary trend, fashionable profession or character with non-standard beliefs, romantic story about favorite tie or rental wedding dress, jeans that have seen a lot on their "warranty period".

       Tell us about fashionable tourist route, unforgettable smell of perfume that instantly turned the life, about good haircut or one that is completely tasteless, about adventure in a beauty salon or gym.

    Tell us about fashionable doctors, amazing makeup, architecture or interiors, start-ups or economic conceptions, fashionable family or household values, about romantic transformation.  

       Shoot actors, musicians, singers, athletes, which are or have to become fashionable, in your opinion. Tell the story about domestic animals, fashionable hobbies and "generators" of good mood. 

      Pay attention of the public to trendy and beautiful things that excite you, and discover, maybe, this is what millions of people are concerned with?

        Create fashion on the big screen in a way that the audience believes you!


    The motto of the Festival is

"Noble mission of fashionable cinema is changing the world for better"


   The aim of the Festival is coverage of current issues in the fashion segment, new creative ideas and solutions, forming of tendencies and trends by analyzing the opinions of viewers.

    Participants of the Festival. We invite professionals and amateurs (beginners and advanced) from all over the world. Anyone who is a sympathizer or author of fashionable ideas, trends and supports steps to implement them can open and realize his or her creativity. As an author may participate both: adult individual and creative groups, associations or NGOs.

    The Festival jury. Chairman of the Jury of the "Fashion Film Festival-2019" is Serge Rakhlin, Chairman of Foreign Film Committee of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association «Golden Globes Award».

    The organizers reserve the right not to disclose the full jury before receipt of protocols and determining winners. All members of the jury FFF-2017, except the Chairman, are obliged not to disclose their participation in the project until the publication of the results of the competitive round of the Festival. Full members of the jury will be announced after the competition round of the Festival at the press conference. Protocols of each member of the jury will be published.

     Conditions. Festival accepts tapes of MPG 4 format Code H264, that have not been previously shown on the big screen and not been placed on the Internet.

     Participants are expected to shoot the short film, apply captions, upload to the any server and send the link with a completed application form to the e-mail: es.i@i.ua. Application form is sent by request.

*Films created in Ukrainian or Russian should be titrated in English

* Films created in English should be titrated in Ukrainian or Russian.

* Films created in any other language must have dual titration: in Ukrainian or Russian, on the choice of the author, and in English.

     Organizers do not accept political or propagandistic films, films with pornographic elements or films with elements of incitement of interethnic hostility, humiliation of human dignity, anti-cultural and anti-social propaganda.

     The author or copyright holder of the film is considered the person who sent the request to participate in the Festival, completed it according to the forms and having provided the original tapes in full, according to the parameters specified in the application. If claims of authorship for the tape comes from the third person, organizers of the Festival, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, reserve the right to deny participation in the Festival, cancel the medal place and deny the right to receive prizes.


The Festival accepts short films in four categories:

Fiction Film (duration 3-15 min)

Documentary (duration 3-10 min)

Animation (duration 3-15 min)

Commercial (duration 30 seconds - 2 minutes)


      The festival takes place in two stages:

Preliminary round from 1th of February 2019 to 1st of  February 2020

Competitive tour from 10th of  February 2019 to 20th of  February 2020

     Date. Summarizing and rewarding the winners of Fashion Film Festival - 2019 will be held on 27th of  February 2020 in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

      We kindly ask participants that already have films shot for the Festival to send them right now. Prelimi-nary reception of films facilitate and optimize organizers` work while preparing tapes for showing and makes technical and organizational allowances in carrying out the Festival, determination of winners and realization of the ceremony of winners “FFF-2019”


      The IV International Festival of Short Films about Fashion (FFF-2018) takes place with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.


The international film competition "FFF" was founded by the editorial office of the publication "EXCLUSIVE style"in Ukraine in the spring of 2015.  In 2015, the authors of the first festival competition presented 11 short films from Ukraine, France and the USAincluding 4 commercials.


Fashion Film Festival – 2019
28 ЛЮТОГО 2020 року 18.00 в Кінотеатрі MULTIPLEX Презентація конкурсної програми та Нагородження переможців Fashion Film Festival – 2019
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У ролі кмітливого Джина – незрівнянний Вілл Сміт
Шарман Легран, «Полуничка», «Подвійні життя» та «Довгі ночі короткого метра»
30 березня в Україні стартувала «ФРАНЦУЗЬКА ВЕСНА - 2019» і на кіноманів чекає спокусливе французьке меню.
Українська романтична музична комедіяз 7 березня 2019 року у кінотеатрах України.
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